What does drop protection mean?

Great question! Every Loopy case is designed and extensively tested using the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military standard for drop protection. The standard drop test allows for the case and phone to be switched multiple times over the course of 26 drops, yet we dropped our case over 30 times without changing the case or phone to ensure it was properly tested.  This means that your Loopy case protects your phone from drops up to a height of 6 ft for models that are for the iPhone 11 and older, and up to 8 ft for the iPhone 12 models.  We also have MAX cases for the iPhone 11 and older models that tested up to 8 ft! We work hard to make a case that is as protective as possible without causing any unnecessary bulk.

Please note that this does not mean that your device will never be damaged. If you drop your device hard enough at a certain height or at a unique angle, your device could still be damaged. Loopy Cases retains no liability for any damage incurred to any device or the loss of any data contained in said device while using a Loopy Case. We design each Loopy to provide maximum protection at all times, though there is unfortunately no way that we can guarantee that your phone will stay 100% safe from damage.

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