Military Drop Test Information

Loopy MIL-Standard 810G 516.6 Testing



MIL-STD 810G is a military testing procedure used to determine if a product is worthy of military use. Many consumer products use this testing to ensure that their products are able to protect expensive devices in the case of shock, dust, and other types of damage.

Method 516.6 deals with shock - drops in particular. The test states that you must drop the device in your case 26 times from 4 feet high onto 2 inches of plywood (which is on top of concrete). You can change your device (in this case, an iPhone) up to 5 times.

In our test, we kept the device the same the whole time - an iPhone 14 - and dropped our iPhone 14 in a Loopy Original 26 times on all edges and corners, as stated in the military document. Loopy passed with flying colors!

We were thrilled with the Loopy's ability to protect our iPhone 14 from such high drops so many times! And of course, the iPhone still worked flawlessly at the end, with no cracks, scratches, etc.

All Loopy Cases with our MIL-STD 810G 516.6 drop-rating icon denoted on its page have been tested using the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military standard for drop-tested protection and have either met or exceeded the US military’s standards for drop protection at the height noted above. Please note that this does not mean that your device will never be damaged. If you drop your device hard enough at a certain height or at a unique angle, your device could still be damaged. Loopy Cases retains no liability for any damage incurred to any device or the loss of any data contained in said device while using a Loopy Case. We design each Loopy to provide maximum protection at all times, though there is, unfortunately, no way that we can guarantee that your phone will stay 100% safe from damage. We do offer a lifetime guarantee on every Loopy Case model.

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