Tempered Glass/Camera Tempered Glass Warranty

Loopy Cases is dedicated to providing high-quality products designed to protect your phone. We proudly stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products. Our goal is to make products that will outlive the lifetime of your device while keeping it in like-new condition. 

All Loopy products are covered under our Loopy Lifetime Guarantee, which specifically covers manufacturing defects, ensuring that you always have the highest quality Loopy Case or accessory that you (and we) expect for each and every device you purchase. We use top-shelf materials to make our products as strong as possible, and our on-site quality control team is trained to ensure you're getting the best product we can produce.

*Please note that damage resulting from normal wear and tear is not covered within our Loopy Lifetime Guarantee

A photo of the issue is required for all warranty claims as well as proof of purchase (valid order number) from Loopycases.com for all products. If a photo and proof of purchase cannot be provided, we will not be able to provide a warranty replacement. 

All items must be purchased directly from LoopyCases.com for a product to qualify for a warranty. Warranties are not transferable; therefore, items purchased via 3rd party (i.e. online swaps/resellers, purchased secondhand from another individual, etc.) will not be subject to warranty. 

If any product is damaged through delivery or arrives in damaged condition, we must be made aware within 7 days of the marked delivery date. Let us know ASAP! Any damage outside of this timeframe will be attributed to wear and use of the product.

Tempered Glass and Camera Tempered Glass:

We use a special grade of Japanese Sapphire glass to make our tempered glass as strong as possible! Our goal is to make products that will outlive the lifetime of your device while keeping your device in like-new condition. Tempered glass keeps your screen safe from normal wear and tear, drops, and other instances. 

In an effort to protect your screen from a hard hit, your tempered glass may break or shatter. This is due to your tempered glass taking the brunt of the shock, protecting your screen at all costs (as well as it can). Think of the membrane behind your tempered glass (and Loopy Case) as kind of like a helmet: the helmet might get cracked when hit, but it protects the person's head with the padding, shock absorption, and exterior taking all of the hit! 

*Please double-check that the correct tempered glass size was ordered before applying it to your phone.  Any screen or camera tempered glass that has been removed from the protective backing is no longer eligible for a refund or replacement. 

**If tempered glass is returned in unused, like-new condition, but with box damage from opening, a 25% charge will be deducted from the overall refund.

What’s covered? 

All Loopy tempered glass and camera tempered glass is backed by a 30-day guarantee if it breaks or shatters. We offer a maximum of one replacement of tempered glass or camera tempered glass within that time period.

What’s not covered?

If your tempered glass breaks after 30 days from delivery, we will be more than happy to send you a coupon code for 50% off a replacement. *Replacement coupon code must be used on the same phone model tempered glass

If you’ve selected a camera tempered glass in one of our colorful options, please make sure to review the color before applying it to your phone - we have many options to choose from to fit your camera and your vibe; we suggest holding the camera tempered glass to your phone/case combo to make sure you love it before you adhere it. Once camera tempered glass has been applied, a refund or replacement cannot be issued for disliking the color. 

To file a warranty claim, please contact our dedicated customer support team via email at team@loopycases.com and include the following:

  • First/Last name on the order
  • Order Number
  • 1-3 clear/focused photos showing the defect in bright lighting 
  • Description of the defect
  • Shipping address
  • Phone model (if applicable)

Please note that this is a replacement-only warranty. No refunds will be issued after 30 days. Our Loopy customer support reserves the right to determine if a product qualifies for a warranty. Loopy customer support also reserves the right to regulate the selection choice of a replacement product.

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